Chronic Pain

Clinical hypnosis will reduce the effects of chronic pain and improve your quality of life.

Physical pain is very real for those of us who live with it every day. The ability to feel pain, in the most clinical sense – is a valuable attribute of every living organism because it is how our body provides “feedback” that something is not right or in danger. Living with this constant pain “feedback” day in and day out, however, can become a burden that “drags us down” and compromises our “quality of life” perceptions.

Increase your Pain Tolerance & Change our Pain Awareness

How can we change our “pain awareness” and increase our threshold of “pain tolerance?”

First – there are often physical actions we can take to attenuate the cause of pain that don’t involve the use of narcotics and other pain medications.

Chronic Pain Hypnosis

For instance, if you wake up every morning with chronic back pain – there may be changes you can make in your sleep environment which will ease the stress caused by 8 hours of spinal rest in a compromising position. If you are overweight – and particularly if much of that weight hangs over your belt – then proactive action in dealing with your excess weight will clearly reduce pain and stress on the lumbar region. But what about those conditions that are “here to stay?”

When your brain tells you that you are experiencing pain, real or perceived, you are consciously acknowledging the receipt of a message from your body that identifies some area in distress. How you choose to process that information determines how your conscious and subconscious actions are going to adapt to it. Identifying a pain source, dealing with it in the physical sense and then placing it in an “attention category” is a key strategy to lessening the “importance” we give to the “pain” body signal.

hypnosis chronic pain

By altering your perception of how important the pain is at the subconscious level and placing it at an “importance level” that is much less than where it is now – is the start of an effective strategy for “putting pain in its place.” We don’t want pain to rule our lives – so at the subliminal level, we use clinical hypnotherapy to gradually reduce the “importance” our subconscious assigns to the pain event. Through gradual reinforcement using proven relaxation techniques, hypnosis gently reduces the mental and psychological effects of chronic pain and allows you to assume a more normal and functional life.