Weight Control

Gentle Clinical Hypnosis to Help Change your Life

People want to lose weight: for better health, so they feel better physically, so they feel better emotionally, and for improved personal appearance. Even with motivating factors as strong as these, most people with weight problems have very limited long term success.

Why is This?

Because people who have fought with weight problems are struggling with entrenched habit patterns and perceptions of themselves that accept their current situation as being the norm. They know intuitively and from all the propaganda around them that it is good to not be overweight.

Usually they have tried many diets and participated in many programs. They start each program off with enthusiasm and typically experience some initial success. Eventually, however, they gradually drop the diet and gain back the weight they lost and maybe even a few extra pounds. They end up with nothing to show for their money and sacrifice except the unhealthy effects of recurring weight change and a nagging sense of personal failure.

Most people with weight problems understand calorie budgeting and dietary discipline. The failure of conventional diet programs is because diets tend to only create a temporary change in behavior, not your living patterns. Each person successfully follows a chosen diet for a limited amount of time, but eventually falls back into their old eating habits because the habits themselves have not changed. If your weight problem is not due to a thyroid deficiency or other medical conditions, being overweight is a psychological and behavioral problem that involves deeply entrenched habit patterns and inability to control impulses.

Herein Lies the Key

By altering your self perception at the subliminal level and attaching different beliefs and actions to everyday events – you are able to gradually migrate away from destructive habits of the past and embrace exciting and healthful living patterns that don’t include overeating. We accomplish this through a series of personal explorations and relaxation therapies leading to a gentle, comfortable change in how you live your everyday life.