Fears & Phobias

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Clinical hypnosis and relaxation therapy will eliminate anxiety and phobias

Of all the issues that we deal with, fears and phobias seem to be the most debilitating challenges many of us face. The reality is, however, that they are among the most responsive to simple reprogramming and hypnotic suggestion. Social fears (social anxiety disorder, acrophobia, etc.) stem from root causes that create some form of angst or panic attack typically triggered by certain events. For instance, if you have a fear of flying, then getting on a plane, driving to an airport – or in some cases – even thinking about driving to an airport, can cause that nervous feeling referred to as panic disorder.

Fear & Phobias Hypnosis

How did these panic attacks start? Probably over some minor incident in which other stressful conditions existed around you at the time you were in proximity to a specific environment… like on a plane, for instance. Your subconscious remembered the conditions that existed when the terror occurred and thereafter, responds in the same manner (panic) when the conditions repeat throughout your life.

The whole condition is entirely mental. It exists only because you allow it to exist.

How do we deal with the anxiety and nervousness?

Fears & Phobia Hypnosis

First – we identify the root causes that are the panic attack triggers. Sometimes, this is not obvious. It stems from a particular combination of conditions that may not stand out as clearly as we would like. That is where relaxation therapy and hypnosis come in. By placing your mind at rest and allowing yourself to gradually “touch the edges” of your phobias, we are able to identify those events, actions or combination of factors that trigger the panic attack event. As often as not, identifying the root causes alone is a life changing revelation that yields immediate results.

After we’ve mapped out the panic disorder triggers, we develop a strategy for dealing with each one of them that involves making minor changes in how we react subconsciously when they occur. In order to achieve a smooth and automatic alternate reaction to panic triggering events… we gradually modify your subconscious perceptions of the event importance and create a different and comfortable response to these events. Sometimes, this strategy is referred to as Time Line Imagery. TLM is a simple yet powerful technique that can sometimes clear up negative emotional feedback in just a few sessions. In combination with hypnotherapy – you can regain control of your life and achieve goals that you may have never thought possible.