Self Confidence

Using hypnosis to make a gradual and reinforced change in how you perceive of yourself is one of the best kept secrets of successful men and women.

At this moment, as you read these words, your “station is life” is probably consistent with how you subconsciously perceive of yourself. Because you are reading these words – your current “station” is probably not the one you consciously want to be in… but you are where you are because over an extended period of time – you have accepted the status quo at a subliminal level. Often – this situation can be traced back over a period of time in which you received little or no positive reinforcement for your successes and accomplishments. It is also possible, even probable, that you were criticized or embarrassed by some attempt you made at projecting yourself into a different “playing field.” You found a level of performance that was comfortable (no negative feedback, some successes) and stayed with that “life model.” Only problem is… you’ve always wanted more.

Self Confidence Hypnosis

How To Gain Self Confidence

How can you gain the self confidence to feel comfortable reaching for more responsibility, more friendships, more recognition and even more romance than you now have?

Think of a strategy as a gradual growth process. There is really nothing that separates you physically from the “shining star” that everyone else admires and respects. They just kept reaching. They were persistent. They didn’t let one or two failures affect their emotional state. Your strategy is to find comfort and even enjoyment and thrills in going after what you want. This involves a combination of self belief, motivation (discussed next) and maybe even growing a slightly thicker skin… so other peoples’ imagined opinions of you do not become your own self perceptions.

By following a relaxed but consistent regimen of Time Line Therapy and clinical hypnotism – you can rid yourself of those negative memories and create or recreate the positive feelings that lead to a more confident and successful you.